Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I decide which Scissor Gate I need?
- Measure the width where you will be mounting the gate whether that be the opening itself if you will mount the gate in the opening or the width to the mounting point if you are mounting it on the face of the opening.
- Compare the width to the widths in the diagram and select the one that has a range that includes your width.
- Measure the height of your opening. If you want the gate to fill the opening, select the gate with the collapsed height just shorter than your opening. If you dont need the gate to fill the height of the opening or the height is more than 10 feet, select a standard height.

2. What if I want to mount the gate on the inside of the building outside of the overhead door tracks?
- We will supply "extended L brackets" for an extra charge, that will allow the gate to clear the door tracks.

3. What if there isnt a size listed that fits my opening?
- Call or email us with the width and maximum height of gate you want and we will recommend a gate for your needs.

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